Devlog #1 - Our plan

Welcome to our first devlog in project blabla.

Let us introduce our team :

  • -Lowell
  • -Darren
  • -Willy
  • -Julius
  • -Michael

In our very first devlog, we are going to share our plan for our game as our assignment in 2D Game Programming courses in Game Application Technology major. So this game genre is 2D platformer with some puzzle in every stages. We also offering some unique gameplay in addition to the story that we want to bring in our games. Our games has a unique altered timeline on every player’s character states and maybe stages later. In wake or concius state, player’s character will found themselves in a normal day, just like our daily life and with some addition puzzle challenge. Then whenever our player’s character become fainted or unconcious, they will found themselves in altered, apocalyptic, and chaotic timeline and player must fight their way back to the original timeline through our puzzle. The puzzle itself will challenge player’s tactics and dexterity. In addition to challenge, we also try to given information or tutorial as less as possible so we want players have a self-learning skill. But this subject still can be changed due to player’s feedback. The last thing is about our game’s story. Since the gameplay has 2 sides beetwen normal and apocalyptic timeline, we decide that the story will have different endings that we still thought and develop it until now. We hope that soon we can make a good story about it and every possiblities that can occur. In our next devlog, we are going to show some concept art and the game concept itself so we can explain clearer how our game and the story will work to synergize each other. So, thanks for reading and see you in next devlog #2.

Get Alter