Devlog #4 (a.k.a the last Devlog) - Not Over Yet

It's pretty long time since our last devlog. Yeah, everybody have been busy lately. But we're keeping our progress though it is slow (TwT)//

So, now we're updating our last prototype, though it's pretty hard with our latest condition. And maybe guys will ask this : "What has changed since the last preview ?" Well, we will bring this together as part of our devlog. 

We're adding bunch of assets that we made. But unfortunately, some of them can't be put in due to problems with the animation and hitboxes, thus for now we still using the character that we got from free asset that displayed on our last devlog. And we're adding more stuff to make this game looks like a full game yet actually there are some assets that still waiting to be applied.

We admit that there's more that we can improve to make this game better and better, but as this game is part of our college assignment to create a game prototype, we lost. Means our time and work management still a big mess right now, but we hope for the next time, we trying to not mess this as this game project can be used as tool for our learning. This is not over yet. We hope we can continue this in the next time.

Thank you @Lowell for the whole coding section,  @Darren and @Julius as the level designer, @Willy as the art designer, and @Michael as the music director. (yeah, this just our main part though we work some design regardless of our mastery part hehe~)

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