Devlog #3 - Gameplay Sneak Peek

Hello again, it is been a busy week for us perhaps.

We still need to work this up together as soon as we can. A lot of things we still need to do such as character design and musical design that perhaps we want to give a chance to get a sneak peek preview.  But, it will be soon, it still on progress so keep on eyes with us. Now, to feed up your curiosity about our game project, now we are going to give some the latest development from our team about our game's gameplay that using physics-based puzzle. The actual content and art still using the free assets we got for now from Unity asset's shop but in time, we will use ours ^o^.

You may see that the way of this puzzle is pretty simple right now but later, we will scaling it per levels. For now, you only can use directional button (left,right,up, and down) to move and you can move the box just by moving and pushing it so you can jump above them for your use to get past the obstacle. Then you can get into the exit gate and proceed to the next level. 

Ok, that's it for now. We hope we can show you our concept art and design in the next devlog session. Thank you for reading this and see you in our next devlog :).


GDD - alpha 71 kB
Oct 30, 2017

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