Devlog #2 - Level

Hello again in our devlog #2.

Today, we're going to tell you about our development for our game. This time is a showcase time for our character and our level design to tease you. First, our level design theme will be focused on physics, collision (and perhaps environment ?) , and puzzle. We want to engage the player for the best playing experience with our puzzle. The puzzle itself will be scaled over level, so players can have a good self-learning curve.

Here, a  preview  from our team prototype above (we are still working for the actual level and character art, so for now, we are using free assets from Unity).

Also, we are giving you our current development documentation for some additional details for our game (actually we want to put it at our first devlog but delayed due to some circumstances). 

Perhaps, in our next devlog, we will show you about how this game work, stay tuned and see you in next devlog :).


GDD - alpha 71 kB
Oct 30, 2017

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